Adding IoTaWatt inputs to Emoncms server on EmonPi Emoncms


I’m currently having a lot of trouble setting up IoTaWatt data inputs into my emoncms server (which is being hosted by an EmonPi). The IoTaWatt input simply doesn’t show up on emoncms. I have been able to set up emonTHs successfully. Below is the configuration I have in the IoTaWatt Web server setup:


Please let me know what, if anything, I’m doing wrong.


Hi Dan,

Let’s start with the basics. Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, but i’m coming in cold here:

  • It’s typical that both the IoTaWatt and the Pi are on the same LAN. Can you verify that is the case?

  • If you type the IP address that you are using into a browser, does it produce the Emoncms logon?

  • Are you using the read/write key from the instance of Emoncms on the Pi as opposed to a possible account on

If all of the above are yes, then could you restart your IoTaWatt (in the tools menu), then post a screenshot of the status display, and the message log?