Australian Split Phase


Hi everyone

I am in a country area in Australia and we use a split phase 240 Volt system. IE: two phases being delivered to the house but 180 out of phase and 480Volt across the two.

Should I configure two VTs onto one Iotawatt or do I have to use two units and treat them as two isolated single phase 240 Volt systems?

Does the system support split phase 480 or perhaps I configure it as a 3 phase with one phase missing?

Any guidance would be appreciated.



There are a couple of ways to approach this. First impression is that it’s not unlike a North American 120/240 split phase system, but maybe there are some differences. In North America, the single phase is split with a center tapped transformer. I’m assuming that’s what’s going on here, and if so, I think you would be fine with a single 230/240 Volt VT.

If, for some reason, the two phases come from different transformers, you may need to use two VT’s, but that is easily handled by IoTaWatt. I would recommend you wait about a month for the version 5.0 IoTaWatt that will have native ability to support up to three VTs.

You should not need two units unless you need to monitor more than 14 circuits.


It would be a single transformer. No electricity network company would (should) feed a single premise with phases from two separate transformers.