CSV download app


I’ve started to work on a new component of the local application to download CSV files. I’ve got a prototype working. It looks as if I can download large files without knowing the ultimate length using HTML chunking, so I’m optimistic that this can be a useful tool to do do long term data analysis with spreadsheets.

Consider this a comment period if you have a particular need for something like that. This won’t be anything too flashy, but should be able to download what you see in graphs over longer periods of time with resonable granularity. I hope to be able to produce files several Mb in size if all goes well.


No particular comments to add in terms of my needs but I will absolutely make use of this functionality.


This project has expanded in scope and is coming along nicely. I’ve started to formalize a basic query functionality that I’ll be able to publish as an API. Without getting into a lot of details, the new query will:

  1. Allow generation of both Json and CSV formatted data.
  2. Have optional headers to identify the data “columns”.
  3. Have various methods of expressing time (unix, string, UTC, local)
  4. Have the ability to request a time series in terms of:
    • absolute UTC time
    • standard date time string (2019-04-01T08:24:00)
    • relative date time (last hour, last 24 hours, this week to date, last week, yesterday, etc.)
  5. group by seconds minute, hour, day, week, month, year
  6. specify decimal positions for output

I’ve got this working in a fork. It’s downloading CSV files and also supplying the local graph program. There’s a lot left to do to clean it up and exploit the new functionality, but very promising.


That was the one thing I thought of recently when pondering this so thank you for sharing.