IoTaWatt stuff now available in US and Canada


The ECS24200 has a 24mm opening.

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a quick question, it’s 1 shipping charge for the entire kit ?
Shipping quoted is for the entire order.


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Just purchase the kit (yesterday) with 12 CT’s.

I wondering, if the 20 $ intl. Flat rate, is it using USPS ?
If yes, OK for me. If you intend to use UPS, Fedex,… Can i change shipping to USPS and paid the difference ? (would be cheaper than paid the overcharge UPS and FEDEX charge for the so-called customs fee… that are there broker fee only, added to our GST and PST).


It’s usps international first-class. Typically a week or so. Should go out tomorrow.

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Hi Overeasy.
1.- Can you send packages to México?.
2.- From what amount can the price of the IotaWatt be improved?. What is the wholesale price?.


Yes, you should be able to order from IoTaWatt Stuff



Do you have volume discounts. I have a project and would like to know if there are price breaks based on volume.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Banshee1971. What extra fees did you incur on the receiving end to Caanada? Thanks


I only, as expected, paid the usual Fed/prov tax (approx 15% in Quebec).

So not that much ! But don’t forget to ask for USPS shipping ! (otherwise, it will be 15 % + 50-75 $ Fedex/Puro/UPS bonus fee)


Perfect! That is all I would have expected. Merci!