02_06_06 broke my influxdbv2 uploader (code 400)

I literally had this working yesterday, but upon an update from 02_06_05 to 02_06_06 it’s now getting an error sending data to my InfluxDB.


I just manually updated my firmware back to 02_06_05 and it’s working. Guess I’ll be shutting Auto Updates off…


02_06_06 has been in ALPHA since Sept 27. Looking at the code, I can see where it would fail if there are no tags. Apparently you are the first to run it with no tags.

Thanks for reporting it. It’s easily fixed, however the bug is in all current releases since 02_06_06. It will be fixed in the next release after 02_07_03. Until then you can either stay on 02_06_05 or add a tag to your measurements.

Just a heads up, I’m also working a reported problem with adding and editing tags in the current release. When it rains it pours.

this got me too with the automatic update. I don’t understand what the tag set does or why I should care.

I now added one tag set: { key: “SensingDevice” , value: “FirstIotaWatt” }
The uploading started working again immediately.

Having read the IotaWatt documentation on this area much more closely multiple times, I can now imagine how having one tag set is important in the scenario of two ore more IotaWatts uploading to the same InfluxDB2 bucket.

What are reasons additional tag sets would be specified?

I am second, failed for me too, same reason.

Yes, 02_06_06 fixed a number of problems with converting from the 1.0 query to a flux query. The change was a lot more than using different syntax, flux takes a completely different approach. The problem when no tags are present was easily fixed and will be remedied in the next release - 02_07_04. In the meantime, users are free to regress to 02_06_05, which has no functional difference to 02_06_06, or you can simply add a tag to your measurements.

Apparently no ALPHA of BETA users experienced this suggesting that they all incorporate tags in their schema.

I believe if someone uses alpha, must be more involved so that he needs all features including tags.
When you expect 07_07 to be available?


07_07_04 will come out ALPHA this week. It usually takes 4-6 weeks of positive field experience in ALPHA and BETA to become a candidate for MINOR.