240v-0-240v Split phase Battery backed system: Query on reading data from CCGX

I have just upgraded my system: now has 12Kw of Lithium Titanate batteries (6x 2kw made by Zenaji in Australia: abt 25K charge cycles life!)
My Solar Edge inverters 2 @ 5Kw), & 2 Victrom Multiplus 2 charger/inverter & batteries are installed in the shed remote from the house. ( 1x S/E + 1x Victron M+2 on each phase). I have a Victron line shunt in the 48v battery line for monitoring DC & control. My IoTaWatt is installed at the house, so only measures consumption now. The system is 240v-0-240v split phase rural supply. The disconnect relay is on the mains (supply) side of the inverters, so provides backup power on grid failure. The system is controlled by a Victron CCGX.
It seems I have 2 monitoring options: read the data from the CCGX, then aggragate that data with the Iotawatt consumption data in an EmonCMS local server (I have an Intel NUC for this job).
The other option is a second IoTaWatt, which seems to me to be an overkill (still using Emoncms on the NUC for aggragation). I feel I would get more information by reading data from the CCGX because DC data is available too.

Anyway, my query is to find if anyone has successfully read data from a Victron CCGX in a similar setup & what code was required? (the CCGX has MQTT enabled.) Reading directly from the CCGX also allows 10s reads.

Really depends on what you want to know/learn.

This link

Indicates there is information about the data. I would use NodeRED to do whatever data translation you need. I believe emoncms has some MQTT capability built in. It didn’t several years ago, but it was easy to use NodeRED to subscribe to MQTT and translate to what emoncms needed. I now typically use influx DB and Grafana.

Start with the graphs/numbers you want to see then work backwards to the data that is necessary to collect.