About Post Interval times

I have a quick question. I would like to know whether the post interval value given by the meter is the average for the values recorded during the period or an instantaneous value after that interval of time has passed.

Could someone please point me to a document that shows exactly how the integration and the averaging of these values is carried out in the IotaWatt meter.


It is the average.

The algorithms are not documented, but you can examine the code which is open and available on Github. (Links in the website)

Essentially, each of the discrete measurements are time weighted by the milliseconds elapsed until the next measurement on that channel. The 5 second average datapoint represents the average of the 5 seconds beginning at the time stamp time.

When you Graph+ (query) intervals (groups), each represents the average of the group beginning at the time stamp. So for instance, a query with hourly grouping the shows 478 Watts for 6:00am represents that the average Watts between 6:00 and 7:00 was 478 Watts.