Adding a V2L EV Battery into the mix?

Hi, I’ve beeen running a simple single phase setup with a grid tied system + solar.
I have the potential to add in an EV battery with AC V2L capabilities.
This has me thinking how I would reconfigure the iotawatt and the pvoutput upload?
The V2L would only be supplying power to the house loads.

Would appreciate some pointers and how you setup a battery in iotawatt

In your line diagram, it appears the Solar would not contribute during a grid outage when the transfer switch would switch to the V2L. Is there a way to allow that? With the indicated setup, you should be able to measure the charge/discharge of the V2L. The VT would need to go on the load side of the transfer switch.

Your setup is more or less the same as mine, and I have a car that will do V2L. (had to look up V2L, did not know it was called that.) My solution is that I have a whole-house transfer switch. One side of the switch goes to a generator inlet. So I can plug in a generator or my car. (which is really just a generator in this case.)
My transfer switch is setup to disconnect my solar. My solar is grid tied. It needs to sync with the grid before it powers up. With no power, it simply won’t start. While I could try to run it with my generator providing the sync, I don’t think that’s a good idea. The solar is designed to operate against an infinite bus. So it would try to keep increasing it’s kW output until… well, I don’t know what. I suspect finding out would be expensive. I think it might stop going up once the voltage started to rise, but I’m not sure.
I have the wires that feed the generator inlet going through the same CTs that measure the mains. Since the power is either from the mains or from the generator, (never both), this works.
I did end up setting up some outputs to show the generator load. But this was just because the way the panel was wired I was getting a reverse load, and rather that rearrange the entire panel, it was simpler to just take the absolute value of the loads.

Thats correct the Solar system is AC based, if the grid goes down, so does the solar. No off grid setup.
On the automatic transfer switch I would set the V2L as primary input and Grid/Solar as secondary.

I have a few spare CT clamps, how would I go about reconfiguring the PVOutput side? Thats has me stumped.

Sounds exactly like what I plan to do.
What is your V2L limited too?

Don’t know what you mean by this. The docs explain how to setup PVoutput. I understand this to be a new install.

Sorry I didnt explain myself very well, in regards to PVOutput…

-When the power sauce is the grid, consumption operates normally and calculate my tariffs and charges/billing. No problem, this is already setup and working.

-But, when the V2L EV battery becomes the power sauce, I would like to ensure that the consumption data being uploaded to PVOutput is not debiting, because its not actually pulling from the grid and charging me. EDIT - I’d like this to zero out for the upload.

Hope that makes sense.

1500 watts, so fairly small. I’d just be using it during power outages.

I had some initial trouble since my car somehow “knows” if I’ve connected it to the house and refused to operate that way. I’ve added an isolation transformer to my generator input for this and other reasons, and that fixed it.

I’m trying to understand what you are trying to do. It sound like you will have the solar grid-tied 100% of the time, yes? And when you plug the car into the house, it will take over the loads of everything in the house. So, sorta like a power outage, but since you have the auto-transfer switch hooked up “backwards”, the “power fail” mode is to run off of the grid, and the “normal” mode is to run off of the car. Is that correct?

Yep spot on.

I’m just stuck on the pvoutput setup for billing and that little formula you setup on the iotawatt for ‘consumption’ so it zeros out when on V2L…

Can you explain the rational for using the V2L while the grid is operating? Are you getting free EV charging someplace?

“Generation” is meant to represent energy input to your system from sources other than the Grid. “Consumption” is what you use. If you setup PVoutput as in the docs, you should see zero consumption when running on the V2L. If you want to track actual consumption, regardless of source, you could add another CT to the output of the transfer switch and upload that as an extended value.

V2L will only be utilised during the evening when solar goes offline to minimise import.
EV battery would be charged using excess solar or on the seperate off peak controlled load (hot water) supply.

Anyhow I ‘think’ the formula for consumption is: (Net + Solar) max 0