Amps not reading correctly - Resolved

I recently installed a heat pump mini split and am measuring specifically that line. Some of the data on that line just isn’t adding up. For example, at the same data point, it is reading 30 amps and 2kw. But, at 2kw on a 220 line that should be about 9 amps. Any idea why the amp rating is so far off? This discrepancy is seen across all data points.

Can you post the inputs configuration, both the overall list and the setups for the specific channels in question. Also, the status display and a graph+ plot of Watts and Amps for the channel?

The first 3 ct’s came from the kit, the second four are these:

In the graph at that data point it says it’s pulling 33amps, but at about 4kw on a 220 line it should be pulling about 18 amps.

The results you are getting are consistent with the configuration shown, which is not quite right.

The model of the CTs are printed right on them. You must select the correct model to get the right calibration. If you specify a 200A CT where it is actually a 50A CT, the current will be computed at 4x actual. (200/50).

There is more. I’m assuming the office heater circuit is 240V and you have a single CT on one of the wires. That being the case, you will also need to check the “double” box for that circuit because the voltage is double the reference voltage.

The docs have more explanation of how that all works here. If you need more help, posting a picture of the panel helps to identify the type of circuit and appropriate voltage.

Thanks. I had the ct number wrong on those and then I set up to double the voltage.

What I couldn’t find was the ct numbers on these: AccuCT 50A x 10mm split-core – IoTaWatt Stuff

and these: AccuCT 100A x 16mm split-core – IoTaWatt Stuff

Any idea what those are?


They would be:

AcuCT-H040-50 (50A)
AcuCT-H063-100 (100A)

Everything seems much more accurate with the correct numbers entered. Thank you!