Aus 3 Phase - Offsets


So everyone’s been and gone, all my CT’s are attached and I only have 1 voltage reference

My phases on the panel are Red, White, and Blue - I’m trying to figure out how that maps to A, B, C.

To confuse matters, my reference voltage is on White. (which I’m assuming makes White A in iotawatt)

To test this, I looked at my stove, it’s sharing White, so I left it on phase A, cranked it up to max on the oven and am pulling roughly the correct number of watts, except it says the CT is installed backwards. I’ve seen the CT, it’s on the live wire, and it’s arrow is pointing away from the breaker towards the oven.

It shouldn’t be backwards?

Beyond that in this context, should blue be phase B and red be phase C?

To setup derived reference, see this tutorial.

It’s all relative. The critical part is that all of the mains CTs point the same way. If it then shown negative power, you can either:

  • Reverse the VT. You can’t do that physically with an Aus plug (US and Euro can), but you can simply check the “reverse” box in the VT setup display.

  • Alternatively you can check the reverse box on the setup for all three CTs, or physically reverse all three of the mains CTs.