Bought the wrong kind of CTs. What should I do?

I bought the IoTaWatt kit with just the two 100A CTs and have been enjoying it so far. I decided I would like to monitor a few individual circuits and for… reasons… decided to order the CTs directly from AccuEnergy rather than through the IoTaWatt store. What I didn’t realize is that the AccuCT-H040-50 from IoTaWatt is actually a custom build; not only does the stock version not come with the jack, it is the voltage type with the built-in burden resistor rather than the current type.

What’s the best way for me to proceed? I can solder some jacks on easily enough. Can the CTs I bought be easily modified to remove the burden resistor? Should I remove the burden resistor from the IoTaWatt? Or should I see if AccuEnergy will accept a return and buy the CTs from the IoTaWatt store like I should have to begin with? :smiley:

Best bet would be to return I think. Maybe you can exchange for the IoTaWatt version, worth a try.

If they are 1V output, you could remove the burdens from the IoTaWatt, but I suspect they are 333mV output and would not be suitable.

Also, you can order IoTaWatt configured CTs from Echun, although shipping may be a deal breaker.

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