CAD Drawing or dimension sketch?

Does anyone have a drawing or sketch with dimensions of the IoTaWatt? Or even a CAD file? I’m designing a mounting plate for an electric outlet, Rpi and the IoTaWatt. Will share the file if anyone wants.


Download this PDF . IoTaWatt id the PF13-3-9. There is a new custom enclosure coming soon that is the same external dimensions except that it has wall mounting tabs on two end that extend the overall length by an inch from 125mm to 150mm. New mounting hole centers will be 138mm.

The extra two VT inputs on the back are for direct three-phase reference.

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Thanks You. Just what I needed.

Hi @overeasy, I’m designing my own enclosure to 3d print for holding the new iotawatt I just ordered. Are the dimensions above still correct for brand new items? I’m looking at overall size and particularly mounting holes I’ll need to put into the design. Thanks mate!

Yes, that is accurate.