Can we tag events with InfluxDB to identify appliances?

Is it possible to tag events somehow? If you could set up parameters like “Circuit 1 increases by 500 to 600 W, then create Furnace_On tag with the time stamp” and a second one reversing it for Furnace_Off, then we’d be calculate see appliance run times, duty cycles, specific energy use, etc…

Keeping in mind I just finished installing the IoTaWatt and haven’t connected InfluxDB yet, so I don’t know if it’s possible or how difficult it would be… If Influx can’t do it, what would be another way?

I’m not looking to do automatic appliance detection, but something we can set up manually as a calculated output… Not sure if the unit has the processing power to do it, but post-event in a separate db environment (RPi, cloud?) while it still has high resolution data shouldn’t take too much calculating power.

There are no alert facilities within IoTaWatt. It is a data acquisition unit. There are mechanisms associated with influx to do things like you are describing. The entire TICK stack includes Chronograf, which produces graphics much like grafana, and also allows alerts to be specified. Take another look at all of the capabilities of influx, including the continuous queries to generate additional series with synthesized data.

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