Can't get to config wifi step - resolved

New setup. IotaWatt is plugged in and flashing red green green. I connected to the Iota wifi network with my phone. The directions say "After connecting, a page will be rendered with several choices. " I don’t get a page rendered. Nothing renders when I open up firefox either.
What am I missing?

If you are sure that you connected to the iotawatt AP, please try browsing to to get the configuration page.

Thanks, that worked.
Also, it says in the instructions that CT’s must have a load. Can they be unplugged for short periods? How much time is a short period?


The CTs have diodes that protect them from developing damaging voltage. In theory they are OK to be unplugged indefinitely, but being a belt and suspenders kind of guy, I like to short them if unplugging for more than a few hours. I have a lot of old IoTaWatt circuit boards around that I can just plug them into, but whipping the plug tightly with some aluminum foil would work as well.

Generally, the CTs hum if the diodes are not doing their job.