Channel to CT relationship

Does the historical data follow the channel or the CT sensor? In other words, if I have a CT on channel 4 and want to move that to channel 8 would I still have the history on that CT?

This can be a complicated subject, but the simple straightforward answers are:

It is stored as channel history.

No. That is, the history up until the time of the move will remain on channel 4 and then continue on channel 8. There would be no way to view it contiguously with query or Graph+.

There are other nuances in the way it works, particularly when you bring output scripts into the mix. Output scripts bind the channel to the input name at the time they are edited, so if you move things around, be sure to go through your outputs (those in any uploaders as well) to be sure they still reference what you expect.

Safe to say you should minimize reassigning inputs, as there can be unintended consequences.

As always, thanks for the fast response.