Configuration Not Found / Blinking Green


I had been spending most of the day with IoTaWatt and InfluxDB2. I had been uploading Watts from IoTaWatt to InfluxDB2, did some aggregating on InfluxDB vs. what our electric company records and they’re extremely close. I’m impressed!

Having successfully done the test, I decided to add a lot of different measurements to the InfluxDB2 uploader configuration. I’ve been intermittently saving the configuration over the past 4 hours. I didn’t capture the screen at the time, but after my last save, below the main menu of Setup/Status/Tools/Data, there was text below it saying “Configuration Not Found” and then iotawatt.local could not be reached. I’ve also checked all available numeric IP addresses in the range available in case it changed. The device is blinking a green LED slightly slower than once a second (53 times in 60 seconds). I don’t see the constant green blinking pattern on the Troubleshooting page. I’ve also waited about an hour and tried restarting a few times as well.

I read not to pull the SD Card unless instructed and wondering if there is something else I can try?

An aside, here is some raw data comparing my IoTaWatt readings vs. electric company

That’s not a recognized failure mode. Given that you can’t connect to it, it would probably be most efficient to send the unit back and I’ll determine what’s going on. What was your order number?

I’ve sent you a message