Connection problems

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with a issue i’ve had over the last 6 months. When I received the unit about 2 years ago, it worked fine for the first 12 months or so.

However I started noticing that data wasn’t being sent to emoncms regularly and then one day it stopped all together.

Sometimes I have a green light however I can’t connect to the iotawatt.local through my browser. I’ve tried multiple resets and still get a variety of issues. Sometimes I can connect for about 5 minutes, sometimes I get the red-green-green lights and have moved the device to next to the router etc to check signal but this doesn’t resolve the issue. Sometimes I get red-red-red for a few minutes which will then change to green light but I still can’t connect.

I opened the device to get the SD card so I could check message log, but I wasn’t able to copy the message log from the device. It got about 50% though and then it stops reporting a I/O error.

In the off chance I can connect i’ve been able to try and extract the message log, but as soon as I try and go back to main menu I can no longer connect. The only thing on the message log was from like a year ago when it was working is on the Emonservice as below.

10/19/20 13:32:50 EmonService: query open failed.
10/19/20 13:33:51 EmonService: query open failed.
10/19/20 13:34:52 EmonService: query open failed.
10/19/20 13:35:53 EmonService: query open failed.

So i’m stumped. Could it be the SD card? Something else?


Yes. Yes.

Would need more information to rule out some of those “something else”.

Next opportunity to you can communicate. Please capture a status display with all of the tabs expanded - WiFi, Uploaders, Datalogs, statistics.

Do you have the original order number or failing that the approximate date of order? Also, was it ordered from the stuff shop?

When you get RRR, what is the circumstance and is that fairly regular?

If you can look at the SDcard again, note if there is a file iotaWatt/logDiag.txt, and if so, to copy it. That would be a diagnostic file indicating datalog damage.

These measures will help determine if it’s possibly not the SDcard. If it is, or no other cause can be found, then I will recommend replacing the SDcard, since you have nothing to lose by doing so. So to prepare you might acquire a 8gb or larger micro SDcard. SDHC 10 is recommended as it’s a little faster, but a 4 is OK too. I’ll need to know what release your unit is running to advise how to load it. That should be evident in the status display if you can get it.

Bit of a delay! but got around to trying to troubleshoot again, but no luck.

I still can’t download any files from the SD card and the logDiag.txt is 0kb and empty.

I was only able to connect to device after I do a reset (iotawatt.local/command?deletelog=current is what i tried and it worked from memory). Then after reset and wifi connect, I can only access the device by looking up the IP address in my router page. iotawatt.local doesn’t work for some reason.

From there i could get a snap of the Status and the message log.

But after a while I can’t connect to the device again (there is no IP on my router page) despite it have solid green LED.

Regarding purchase etc, I bought it in 2019 (Order 1164).

thanks for your help.

iotamsgs.txt (9.7 KB)