Consumption influenced by solar production

I am a bit lost when looking at the production numbers I’m getting. I have two mains from the grid, both are measured and an output combines them in iota watt to equal consumption. These numbers seem to be accurate when the sun is down. When sun is up the consumption numbers seem to mirror the solar production somewhat. What I don’t know is whether iota watt is reading these numbers inaccurately somehow or if the consumption is being influenced by the solar.

No idea what you are trying to do here.

Can you post a picture of your panel and a screenshot of your inputs setup?

Hope I can help here:

I have my setup to get what I want is as follows:
CT’s over the mains (This is measuring flow in both directions as if it were at the meter
Then I have CT’s over the solar legs (its a line tap setup)

As you can see in the screenshot, I had to do some calculations to get the desired outputs, I wish I remembered the posts they came from in this community, but they were a great help in getting mine just how I want it.

I have dual in here because of my home assistant setup :slight_smile: (hence the HA after the name)

My outputs:
Consumption is just that - what is going into my panel
MainsExport - I take the value of my mains and compare it to 0, if the value is lower than 0 (exporting) it take the absolute value of that, else it is a 0
MainsImport - I take the value of my mains and compare it to 0, if the value is higher than 0 (importing) it take the absolute value of that, else it is a 0
Meter - shows what the meter is seeing, positive (importing) or negative (exporting)
Solar - shows what the solar panels are producing (I use the max because the system does draw power at night and goes negative

to me it looks like your consumption CT’s are around the mains AFTER the solar legs (if its a line side tap like mine.

in your outputs for consumption, you are adding your mains together, try the calculation in my post above and see if that makes sence. You only want to measure the flow if the value of the meter is (positive to importing, if thats how you set it up)

Couple of comments:

I think @ncosper does not have allow negative values set on the mains.

Export and Import should be done with an integrator (yours too).

Don’t understand the issue with redundant HA outputs.

The redundant HA outputs is because in HomeAssistant I initially set it up using the normal ones for testing, but I want to have clean data for when my system is activated. If I used the old outputs, the data in home assistant would be all messed up and wrong (for the energy dashboard) By creating a new unique output and not adding it to the HA energy dashboard yet, i will have nice clean data :slight_smile:

@overeasy, is there a post on the integer and why to use it for the import and export? The way it is currently setup was working for the day they tested the system, so if there is a better way, I’m all ears

EDIT, Opps, i miss read integrator as integer, DOH. I’m looking at the help site right now on INNTEGRATORS :slight_smile:

I made the changes to mine as you suggested, thank you. After reading the help page a few times I understand it now why using integrators, specifically for home assistant. In PvOutput, I still do the calculations because they do the formulations through the site somehow :slight_smile:

Hopefully all this helps the OP out as well and understand why his readings are they way they are.

Thank you for all the info! Overeasy was correct that I didn’t have the negative power allowed on the mains. I will sit down and really look through the rest and see what else I need to change. Thanks for the help! I’ll post back if everything here doesnt get me all dialed in.

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Oh, and in case you wondered why I had the formulas and not using integrators , it’s becasue on the HA page it showed to use the formulas.

I did make it like you suggested though.

Yeah, I don’t have anything to do with the HA integration. It was user contributed and I’ve found the HASS folks to be difficult to reason with. I’ve done what I can to overcome the deficiencies of HASS Energy and published the how to in the IoTaWatt Docs.

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I figured as much that you don’t have anything to do with the HA page, just figured I would show where that original info came from. I do want to thank you for all your support and help you give to the community with this product. There are only a few other products I have used over many years that have the same level of support that you give, and this is why I recommend it to others.

Keep up the great work!

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