CT Placement - How smart is the software?

I am about to purchase, and I’m trying to figure out the best use of CT’s

My electrical setup is a little complicated

I’m thinking of the following. Can you tell me if it seems like a plan?

  • 2 x 200a CT’s in the Main Panel over the wire running into the main breaker, but also looping in the 30a feed from the portable generator inlet. Then the total power to the main panel will always be correct, even in the unlikely event I am using my 30a inlet

  • 2 x 200a CT’s on the 125a garage sub breaker

  • 2 x 100a CT’s after the solar disconnect, BEFORE the line side tap. Or, can this be one CT and just set it as double? I assume I can but I’m not sure

But then is the software smart enough to make a view that is JUST the house? as long as I exclude the garage sub panel from the view? Right now there is no other breakers in the main panel but the 200a feed through lugs, and the 125a breaker.

Another question. Can the 9VAC adapter be plugged into the garage sub? Or does it need to be on the main?


Sure, you could do that. You can create a Script that subtracts the Garage from the Main Panel. But rather than try to combine the Main Breaker and 30A generator cables, why not just put the CTs on the House feed through and make a Script to add the House and Garage to get the total? Seems simpler because of the multiple cables on the Mains, but all the same in the end.

You can use a garage outlet for the VT.