Data breaks in measured data

Hi Bob,

I’ve got the Iotawatt working monitoring a refrigeration load and it’s been working well initially. I set it up with wireless access present, via a mobile hub, and then remove the wifi, but the Iotawatt still measures, as indicated by the pulsing (not flashing) red LED. This worked for a few days but after a while I noticed on return, that there were data breaks present, which I can’t figure. It didn’t lose power and the wifi wasn’t there anyway. When wifi is reintroduced the unit needs a reboot but then uploads to Emoncms absolutely fine. The data isn’t in the Iotawatt to start with as I can see the graph through the control interface and the data is not on board, so it’s not in the upload to Emoncms that the problem is.

Would you have any leads what is causing the data breaks? Would it be temperature or filesize?
The system works really well otherwise and I’d be recommending it to domestic users, but just these darn blank spots! Image is an Emoncms grab showing the nature of the problem.

Many thanks for your work,


I’d have to see the log for that period to completely explain what the graph shows. Presently, when the IoTaWatt has been disconnected from WiFi for an hour, it restarts. That was a change that I put in a few months ago because the automatic reconnect doesn’t always seem to work, as you saw when you reintroduced the WiFi. Had you waited (up to an hour) it would have reconnected after the restart.

This seems to be functionality at a lower level than the IoTaWatt firmware. I could probably sort it out with a few days of work, but there are just not that many users that don’t have continuous WiFi, so I made a choice to do the restart in favor of more robust operation in a WiFi environment.

All that said, your gaps should only be a few seconds every hour, so I need to see the message log to determine why your gaps are so large.

I’ve downloaded the messagelog and please find attached.

As an example, there was a data gap from 10.15 on November 10th to 17.30 on November 10th and then data came back from 17.30 to 18.25 and then a short gap again. It may be better if I just ensure wifi is present?

Thanksmessagelog.txt (692.3 KB)