Discrepency on lineV when graphing with IOTA native graph vs Grafana

I have been recording line voltage for a while now and just recently noticed few large dips (some nearly down to 0V) in the grafana plot which I attributed to actual power brownouts on the mains.

I then viewed the same timeline & data using the IOTWA native graphing (web access) view and I don’t see any of the anomolies compared to when viewed in grafana. now I am wondering if the data being uploaded to the influx dbase is not correct at times.

have anyone experienced this behavior in the past ?


The data in the IoTaWatt and Grafana should be the same. I think what you are seeing is an increased resolution with grafana.

There was a problem on restart where the IoTaWatt would record low or even zero volts for the first five-second interval after restart. That has been fixed :crossed_fingers:in release 02_04_02 which was advanced to MINOR auto update yesterday.

If you look at where the dips are and check your message log on the IoTaWatt, you should see restarts at those times.

I just checked the restart event timelines and it does not show any reboot during the time I see large voltage dips.

My IOTA device upgraded to FW version: 02_04_02 with up time of ~16hrs and the dips happened after that.

What is also strange is that none of my nest smoke detectors captured brownout conditions as they are super sensetive to power dips.


OK, from my perspective, that’s all good. So now maybe we need to look at the voltage data series on the IoTaWatt (zoom to 5 sec and then copy CSV), and the voltage series on influx for the same period (show measurement where time clause)

Let’s see what the difference is.