Dropdown menu stuck

Have set up iotawatt successfully, but now stuck trying to define outputs. On both my iphone and ipad, when I select Setup and then Outputs, the dropdown menu does not disappear. It covers the Add Output button, so I’m stuck on these devices.

I know there is an Add button, because I can see it when I use my desktop PC. Here, the dropdown menu disappears, but once I define an output, there is no SAVE button!
dropdown stuck, iphone and ipad

The persistent drop down is a “feature” of the Safari browser. You can live with it as I do, or install an alternate browser on your iDevice.

The save issue is because the name has a space. You can compress it or add an underscore and the save will appear.

Thx for quick response - and accurate advice…

Got rid of space in name, and SAVE appeared, so was able to set up the output.

Browser situation seems to be finicky. I can make the dropdown disappear in Chrome by touching outside the dropdown, and then proceed. I also downloaded and tried Firefox focus. This had the same problem as Safari, which I was using originally - as you had surmised.

You note that you can “live with” Safari. How do you proceed in Safari if the dropdown persists?

I have enough outputs defined that the list extends beyond the drop down. So I select one of those, or the add at the bottom. The drop down goes away and an edit appears. I than cancel that to get the unobstructed outputs list.

I admit, it’s not great.