EmonCMS Setup for new IotaWatt

Howdy; I have confirmed EmonCMS in my IotaWatt settings. I have also purchased EmonCMS credits. I don’t see a startup/setup guide for EmonCMS on their website. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


You should have a write-key for your Emoncms account. Use that to configure an Emoncms web-server in the IoTaWatt configuration app. http://docs.iotawatt.com/en/02_04_02/Emoncms.html

Once that is started, IoTaWatt will send all of your inputs to Emoncms, where you can see them, along with their most recent values, in the Emoncms inputs page. From there, you can use the Emoncms documentation to create feeds etc. https://guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/local/

The Emoncms documentation is oriented toward their energy monitor products, but once you get the inputs established, it’s all the same.