EmonCMS updates stops


I have setup my own EmonCMS server (on windows) and it all worked initially, but I find that if the PC is off it seems to update maybe a few minutes to backlog since the last post, then jsut stops. The status page jsut shows it as running but last update time is when the last data was sent, and it never updates.
I got it to work again by setting “upload history from:” to tomorrow and then it just skips trying to upload the missed data and uploads from now, and works. But next time it drops out I have to go in and manually change that date, and end up losing data

The only useful message in the logs is “8/22/19 21:37:48 EmonService: HTTP response -11, retrying.”

I tried with bulk upload set to 1 and to 60 but didn’t make any difference.
Is this a problem with Iotawatt or could there be some data rate limiting on my EmonCMS server or something?
I know very little about EmonCMS and how to check logs on that side

Emoncms is a black box to me. The response code -11 is a timeout. IoTaWatt sent a request to Emoncms and received no reply. It could be Emoncms, or it could be a communications issue. Nothing has changed with respect to IoTaWatt and the Emoncms service. I can tell you that there are no reports of similar issues and that my systems successfully uploaded history to emoncms.org after a half-hour internet outage a few days ago.

Home instances of Emoncms can be quirky. Just looking at the frequency of problems reported in their forum is enough to scare me away. I would say that if you know very little about it, and don’t know how to use the logs, you probably should consider paying the few bucks to use Emoncms.org.