Enphase split CT-200 with IotaWatt?

New IoTaWatt user here. Just installed the CT’s and v5 hub and an really impressed so far.
I had a 4 year-old smappee monitor which overpromised and undelivered on “AI monitoring” of the mains to identify individual devices and appliances. Couldn’t identify my class 2 car charger when I plugged it in. Nor my espresso machine. Seriously… And then it broke.

Anyhow – loving the IoTaWatt!

I have an enphase solar system installed and purchased their split ct-200 clamps to monitor my solar production via the enphase controller. Hadn’t installed them yet and would not prefer to connect them to my IoTaWatt.

But the CT specs aren’t clear. They are made by Falco with the following labels:

My Falco split CT markings are:
Up to 600 Vac.
200A 0.5v 45-66Hz
2033 FALCO

Anyone know which parameters I can use w/IoTaWatt to add these as inputs?

Those specs describe a voltage output type CT. IoTaWatt uses current type CTs. To use the voltage type you would need to unsolder and remove the burden resistors in the IoTaWatt.

Solar doesn’t require 200A CTs and even with the burden removed, those CTs would be using only about 15% Of the full range of the input. That translates to 1/8 of the resolution. I’d recommend you get one or two 50A CTs or a 100A CT.

That’s a good point – surprised that enphase uses such large CT’s! I think the max production of my array measured by enphase at the load center is ~4.9KW.
Agree with your recommendations and I will likely pickup a few more 50A’s.
My solar controller connects to my meter and the main of my home in the garage, and my IoTaWatt is in the basement at the breaker box.
So I’ll follow the other recommendations in this forum to extend the leads with a longer (~30ft) shielded twisted-pair cable to go from the solar CT’s to the IoTaWatt.

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