Equipment suffered a fall

i have an accident,my iotawatt is no make any measurement,i have volts in VT 10 volts,aprox,i check the sdvard is ok and i changed with new one ,but nothing to obtain measurement,the equipment suffered a fall ,and after that nothing ,only acces to web,what can i do???thanks

Sounds like the channel 0 VT connector may have been pulled off the PCB. If you have skills to check that and repair, you may be able to fix it.

Another solution is to try using channel 13 or 14 for voltage input. Be sure the CT socket is not used and plug the VT into the corresponding socket on the back. Configure as a VT and see if you get a voltage reading. If so, edit your CTs to use the new input as the Vref.

thanks,i had to connect to input14 without burden resistor and it work.