Excel Query Data Error

I’m trying to link the IoTaWatt data through EmonCMS to an excel sheet in more or less real-time.

I included a query in excel to download and transform the JSON data into excel formating. Which more or less works. Once in a while excel shows the following error:

As the feeds downloaded are the public ones the Credentials do not really make sense. Also, the format doesn’t make sense for me as it works in 4 out of 5 cases.

Does someone have experience with this?

Without seeing the data, I have no clue. The message isn’t from IoTaWatt.

Curious why you would not use CSV format to go to excel?

Thanks for the fast reply.
I didn’t use CSV because I could just find a description of JSON API calls within EmonCMS.

I also sent you the excel in a PM. I think this makes it easier to understand.

Sorry, a little groggy first thing in the AM. I didn’t catch the query of Emoncms part, thought it was IoTaWatt query.

Probably best to pose this one on the OEM forum. It probably won’t help to mention that the data originated from an IoTaWatt and i don’t think it’s relevant.

Understood, hope a coffee will work for you :wink:
Let me try the OEM forum