Exporting total power to Home Assistant


Got the IoTaWatt a few days ago and had no issues getting installed and running, and created an output for total power that is the sum of my 2 mains. I’d like to get the data into Home Assistant and had the HA integration linked to my IoTaWatt easily, and it shows 13 sensors including all the ones for my 4 CT clamps, however I can’t manage to get the total output to pass through from my IoTaWatt to HA?

I’m sure this must be simple, but I’m stumped! What do I need to do to get my total power output I created over into HA? Or is this done a different way?

OK, it turns they are in HA, but hidden! Is there a reason they wouldn’t be visible in the IoTaWatt integration entities section?

There is a reason, but not a good one. They require that an entity have a serial number or some other identifier other than the name. I tried to explain that an IoTaWatt output is an abstraction and has no physical attributes, but it fell on deaf ears. The inputs have a channel number so they are handled differently.

The HASS/IoTaWatt integration was contributed by a user and is maintained by a different user. My issues with HA energy go deeper than this and so I’m not inclined to get involved. It is a pretty good real-time dashboard but doesn’t have the historical integrity to be used for reliable energy monitoring.

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@Milo I think I’m having the same problem. I tried to follow the HA and IoTaWatt docs but I can only see my inputs in HA, not my outputs. You say they are there, but hidden? How do I find them?

They’re not “hidden” per se, they’re just not grouped with the other Iotawatt entities. You should find them as generic “sensors” on the HA overview dashboard.