Feature Request: add amperage to Status page


Would it be hard to add information about amperage of each input on the Status page?

It takes quite a bit of an effort to correctly configure display of wattage on a 3-phase line, so having Amps would make debugging much much easier.

Thank you.

All you need to do is create outputs with Amps units. They will display on the status page.

Yeah, I know. That’s doable. But I thought that it would make more sense if this option was available out of the box.

I’ve been programming for a long time. I’ve seen the results of people adding stuff to otherwise clean software with little or no justification. Pretty soon it’s so cluttered the average person is overwhelmed with useless information and features.

Right now the status page shows wrong watts, which at first made be think that it was a software bug.
Only through this forum I found out, that i have to configure phases properly before I can see correct watts.

The docs have a straightforward installation procedure focused on correct Watts.

True, but that’s friction. The devs could add a button “wrong watts info?” to the status page with a link to the docs.

Amps on the other hand are straightforward and easy to understand. You can immediately understand which input corresponds to what based on how amps fluctuate when devices are turned on/off.

Just my five cents. I’m not going to participate in this discussion any longer.

We haven’t visited this problem for awhile, so I’ll reinforce it now before anyone gets the idea that Amps are the key to anything.

In a three-phase setup, there are 48 possible permutations of phase assignment and CT orientation for the three mains. Only one of them will yield correct power (Watts) measurement. All of them will yield correct current (Amps) measurements. Virtually all billing is based on Watts, so virtually everyone is interested in Watts and Watt-Hours.

Amps is RMS and so has no sign, so it is not useful in determining correct CT orientation. It also is not dependent on phase so cannot determine correct phase assignment.

The installation procedure in the docs is a straightforward and relatively simple way to get it right.

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