[feature request] hide input option

Fairly easy request: a checkbox in each input configuration to hide that input from the status display, allowing a bit of cleanup and organization.

Currently it’s fairly common to have several inputs for split-phase/phase-phase devices, one on each leg, then have an output adding them together. This creates a fair amount of clutter of unnecessary information on the status display.

It would be really handy hide the inputs that are used in outputs. I don’t need to see: main_a, main_b, dryer_a, dryer_c, aircon_a, aircon_b, etc. All these types of inputs are ignored in favor of their outputs adding them together.

That’s not as easy as you may think. It doesn’t fit well with my simplicity philosophy. But I have had requests to separate the inputs from the outputs in the status display. By doing so the entire inputs tab could be minimized, and outputs could be created for what you want to see.

That fits my definition of simplicity and minimum scope as it changes only the status display and requires no changes to configuration, firmware or documentation.

The only issue I see there is the extra clutter added to the number of outputs/sources, particularly in things like graph+ where every source is listed out.

With that solution, users would be creating outputs that just equal inputs in order to make a clean output list that has all the info they’d like displayed when the input list is hidden. That creates a bunch of redundant sources and more stuff for the iotawatt to keep track of for no good reason.

If each input could be flagged as hidden in their configuration, the status display could check for that flag and just not display hidden inputs. You could even add a checkbox on the status page to show hidden inputs for ease of troubleshooting.

Just some food for thought anyway.