Firmware Update alternating between 02_07_05 and 02_08_02

Just to note, I saw in the logs that the IoTaWatt updated firmware to 02_08_02, and then several hours later loaded 02_07_05, then back to 02_08_02 again. This cycle repeated several times from From March 3 to March 5. It did finally settle down with 02_08_02 as the latest firmware and seems to be stable now.

MessageLog_02_07_05 - 02_08_02.txt (41.7 KB)

That is bizarre. The only thing that I can think of is that you were intermittently getting old copies of the versions file that is cached in Cloudflare. I set MINOR auto-update to 02_08_02 on March 3 around noon. You first picked it up at 14:43 that day, and 02_08_02 was installed successfully. When it restarted, the version was checked and verified as current. Then a few hours later, during the hourly check, it must have gotten an old copy of the versions file indicating 02_07_05 was the current release. Then as you say the cycle repeats over the next few days.

I usually explicitly flush the Cloudflare cache when I update the versions file, but did not do so that time. That could be what happened. I’m surprised it lasted for two days because TTL (Time to live) on all of the IoTaWatt cached pages is 24 hours.

As a precaution I’ve purged the cache as of 3/9 11:49 EST.

Thanks for reporting this.


I saw the same behavior on my pair of IoTaWatt devices. They have been calm for a few days now.