Graph+ does not work properly in MacOS Monterey

I have been using Graph+ since June 2021 on 27" iMac purchased in 2020. When I upgraded to Monterey (12.2.1) recently the following graph no longer shows properly:

Custom dates group: hourly
Start Jun 22,2021 End Mar 23,2022

all the data is compressed to the right ending at August 2021.

If I change the group: to auto(24 hrs) it is fine.

This all worked all fine before Monterey.

Wrong Graph.pdf (427.7 KB)

I’m guessing that’s Safari? Do you have access to another browser like firefox or chrome to try that?

As a long shot, can you try adjusting the end time to be an even hour, 9:00pm instead of 8:59?

Graph+ is Javascript, and uses flot (0.8.3) to do the plotting. If you can find something that links a newer version of flot to resolving Monterey problems, I’d take a look at that, but sounds like an incompatibility with JS and flot.