Graph+ doesn't work when Internet/ISP is down

Discovered accidentally today (while powering off/on lots of circuits, and my Internet router was down for a bit) that Graph+ apparently needs something on the Internet to work its magic. When the Internet was unavailable, Graph+ looked like this:

It appears as if none of the buttons work, and the drop down menus are non-existent (not even my locally saved graphs show up).

Curious to know what it is trying to find out there (a packet trace indicates something from, and only about 10 small packets, at least on a refresh of the Graph+ page) and if this is deliberate or accidental.

Luckily, my power is much more reliable than my ISP, so would be nice if the IoTaWatt had some local cache of what it needed, and only occasionally updated from the Intertubes.

When I am finally able to go off-grid, I want to keep my IoTaWatt, too! :slight_smile:

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It uses a bunch of stuff from the Cloudflare CDN. Bootstrap, jQuery, flot to name a few.