Graph+ not saving Yaxes Range config

I’m trying to recreate the PVOutput “Show All” and “Net Generation” graphs.

I can do it with Graph+ (awesome), but for “Net Generation” I have to manually enter an equal +/- Yaxes range for both Wh and W inputs to get them aligned in the centre.

That’s fine, but when I switch from my saved “Net Generation” graph to my saved “Show All” graph, the Yaxes Range config is not reset back to the saved value, and so my graph looks funny as it no longer starts at 0 and has a fixed max value for the Yaxes instead of “auto”.

If I then reset all those Yaxes Range options back to “auto” and save my “Show All” graph, then switch to some “Net Generation” and back, it is reset again to the fixed values from “Net Generation”.

Also, when there are +/- values in a graph, it’d be nice if “auto” configured an equal min (negative) and max (positive) so that all axes aligned 0 in the vertical centre.

Then I wouldn’t need to set an arbitrary fixed min/max, which could be too high or too low and need adjusting depending on the values for a given time period.

I’ll have to look deeper into that. The Yaxis values are saved, at least in several tests that I just did. Not saying you don’t have a problem, just that its more complicated than just not saving them. There is something else going on.

I understand what you are saying, but don’t necessarily embrace your solution. If I understand your suggestion, you would like all Y axes to center the zero if any series has a negative value. I can think of some scenarios where I might get some feedback on that.

Offhand, I can think of a couple of other ways to address the problem, and there are probably others. I’ll give it consideration when I’m in there again.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming.

Yep, I can see that they are saved because when I select my saved “Net Generation” graph, it restores the fixed values. Perhaps only “auto” values (the default) are not being saved or restored?

If I click “reset” and then re-select the saved graph, it displays as it should again.

I can understand that this might not always be desirable. Perhaps only when there are multiple Yaxes (e.g. W and Wh), and any have a negative value? Or perhaps an explicit “auto-centre” (per axes) option?

Aligning instead of centering 0 in the Yaxes might also be enough. Perhaps an “auto align 0” option (single checkbox)?

OK, that sounds like something I might have missed and narrows it down. Thanks.

I’m glad you see there’s more than one way to skin this cat. In the short term, I think you will need to set equal +/- min/max until I get a broader context and give others a chance to chime in.