Green light fast blinking

I haven’t viewed my Iotawatt status/graphing for roughly 2 weeks. It now won’t load up to let me see status/graphing. This has happened before after not viewing the status for a few weeks. I don’t remember how we made it work again the last time this happened.
I unplugged the Iotawatt and plugged it back in but the light still only fast blinks green… please help

Blinking fast green, or glowing green, is normal operation. It’s connected to WiFi, knows the time, and is logging away. When you cannot connect after a long period, it usually has something to do with WiFi.

If you can find the IoTaWatt in your router DHCP table, you might try access it using the IP address. If that fails, you might try powering off both the router and IoTaWatt then power up the router and let it get on the air, then the IoTaWatt.

I’m remembering last time this happened that it had something to do with the iPad. It’s saying sever not responding when I try to get on Iotawatt. Although internet connection is good.
I tried turning off router Iotawatt and iPad. Then turned on router then iPad then Iotawatt. Still says server not responding when I try to access Iotawatt. Where do I find the ip address. I think you said last time that I need to setup a static ip… I guess I didn’t do that…

you can probably use http://iotawatt.local or check on your router

Iotawatt.local is what I have been using and that’s what no longer works.
I found the IP address by accessing my router that is listed for the Iotawatt. I typed that into the search bar and that don’t work…

Ok it’s working again… I had to type http:// then IP address. I was only typing the IP address…
Any advice on how to assign a static IP address that won’t change

You do that in your router.

Done! Thanks Bob. This now shouldn’t happen again

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