Help before purchase

I’ve attached a picture of my main electrical panel and a secondary, I have 200 amp service and I presume the panel is fairly typical. I’m planning to get the North American bundle and use every available channel (once it’s working I’m likely coming back for a second). Is there any issue running multiple iotawatts on the same wifi network?

I have in my cart 2 main 200amp clamp CTs, 2 100amp CTs and 10 50amp CTs. As I understand it that is a full board?

I am unfamiliar with the “paired” breakers in the images below, there is a pair of 70amp breakers in the main panel, I’m guessing those feed the secondary (it’s on the other side of the house so there’s no easy way to tell). Does the “pairing” of these mean that it’s in practice 140 amps?

Is there anything else I need to know about the hardware before purchasing?



Thanks a ton for all the great work on this project!

Hello Brandon,

Only issue connecting multiple units to same WIFI is that second and subsequent must be assigned unique names.

14 CTs is the ordinary capacity of one IoTaWatt unit.

The paired breakers are usually 240V circuits. There are various ways to deal with them depending on whether the load has a neutral wire and how you install the CT(s). Please read upin the docs.

It does appear the 70A feeds the sub-panel.

Your mains are not in the picture, so can’t say definitively if two clamp type will do it.

Hello overeasy,
Thanks for the quick response. The docs are tremendously helpful I think I understand how I’ll set up the 240 monitoring, I’ve attached a quick picture of the main up at the top of the panel. It does seem like getting a clamp around the top of the bus bar will be rather tough unless I can get deeper.

Thanks again, time to order ::

That looks like an old panel. Lots of exposed conductors in there. Be very careful.

The buss looks narrower than 1” so maybe the 25mm clamp-on would fit. They are narrow. The limiting factor will be enough room underneath.