Help getting started

Hello Friends,
sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I want to start monitoring the power consumption per room at my parents 24 unit motel. Not really sure where to get started from, but i’ve attached some pics of the panels that are at the property. From what i can see on the bills I apparently have 3 different meters that are providing service to this property. Please point me in the right direction! I think i might need 3 or 4 IotaWatts, but not sure. I’d also like to be as accurate as possible, so would i want to use 2 VTs? one for each leg of power coming in?

Thanks in advance.

apparently i have to attach the other 3 pics in a reply post to this.

the other panels
i think this is for the service for these 2 panels below

Can’t really break those photos down to rooms. That’s something you would need to do. Something like identify each circuit that serves a room and come up with a naming scheme for them. Then upload to say influxDB and setup a dashboard to aggregate by room or whatever else you are interested in.

I think one VT per IoTaWatt will be sufficiently accurate.

i guess some of my question is what do i need to get started? 3 iotawatts and a bunch of CTs? use home assistant to combine the data across the iotawatts to get per room metrics?

What you are asking is beyond the scope and capability of this forum. It is a large project with multiple elements, only one of which is the IoTaWatt.

In terms of minimum to get started, if you want to pursue an IoTaWatt solution, my advice would b3 to get a single unit with mains CTs and a few others, then use it to learn how it works and to experiment with various aggregation strategies.

y’all can’t help me figure out the hardware that i would need? i can figure out the aggregation from the docs. i’m really just looking for pointers on how to start specing out what type of gear i would need on the iotawatts.

right now i know i need to have at least 1 VT, how do i spec out CT’s that are needed, is there anything to keep in mind while trying to figure out what CT’s to use. i am not asking for anyone to tell me how to put all the bits together.