Help with an error passing data from IotaWatt to influxDB Resolved

Can anyone point me in the right direction, I can’t seem to get data from the IotaWatt to InfluxDB (local)
This is the error in the message log:
influxDB: last entry query failed 200 expected field argument in last()

Any help appreciated.

Could you post a screenshot of the influx configuration from the IoTaWatt config app please?

thanks overeasy:

I was helped with this issue on the other forum:

Issue was I added ‘measurement’ and ‘field-key’ names which were rejected by the server removed them to use default $name and value and we are now running!

I saw that. Bill is the man for influx questions. He was responsible for my including it in IoTaWatt.

Incidentally, you apparently purchased from OEM, which is fine, but be advised that the most accurate and up to date documentation is at

Thank you, yes I’ve seen those docs.
much appreciated.