Home assistant with integrators

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I didn’t find it.

I set up the IoTaWatt according to the manual and added an integrator “grid_int” for main_1 + main_2. (I have solar, so I would expect negative values often.) I can see “grid_int.pos” etc in the available inputs when constructing an output.

In HASS, I can see all my inputs and outputs as expected, as well as “_wh” and “_wh_accumulated” for each one. However, I cannot see any variations of the integrator grid_int.

It’s my understanding that I should not use the _wh and _wh_accumulated entities for the HASS energy dashboard - correct? (If not, why do they exist? Are they created by HASS?)

I remember reading somewhere in the forums that there is a HACS integration that you prefer. I could not find that one with confidence – I gather there is an “old” and “new” HACS integration and I shouldn’t use the “old” one?


The integrated values are not available to query and so the HASS integration does not see them. You would need to create outputs that use the integrated outputs. Something like:

import = grid_int.pos
export = grid_int.neg

Then you should see import_Wh and export_Wh in your HASS energy dashboard.

The HASS integration was created by users and subsequently modified by the HASS folks. I was unsuccessful in trying to convince them of how it should work. You might direct your questions to them. There are fundamental deficiencies in the way HASS Energy works. With the integrator in IoTaWatt, it’s as good as it gets.

Thank you - this worked.