Ideas of what to monitor

Just got my IotaWatt in and running. Currently have CT’s on the main feeds coming into the house, and a pair on the breaker that feeds my detached garage.

I’m already wishing I ordered a couple extra CT’s.

What are some other ideas for circuits to monitor? Most of my applicances are gas, the AC compressor is my only other double pole breaker.

I thought about putting one on the circuit that feeds my fridge, and another on the one for my chest freezer. Just in case to catch one not running, or running too much. Probably going to add one for the laundry room so I can set up an alert in Hubitat when the laundry is done.

What are some other neat ideas?

Hi, Here’s a screenshot of my IoTaWatt status page. I monitor all of the main circuits then in Outputs calculate totals for all of the measured main circuits then a calculated output for the miscellaneous consumption.

And here’s the Outputs page.

I hope that’s of help.

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