Increasing transfer speed to Influx


This is a general non-specialist question: would it be possible to increase the transfer speed of data to Influx by eliminating Graph+ or any other feature from the Iotawatt?

Your response will be greatly appreciated!

Believe me, I’ve tried. The short answer is no, there are no opportunities to increase the overall speed. The transfer speed isn’t the problem. The WiFi can shovel data plenty fast. The bottleneck is getting the data from the SDcard. IoTaWatt tries to dedicate about 66% of it’s time to sampling the input channels. While it does that it uses the same SPI communication to access the Analog to Digital converters as is used to read/write the SDcard. The result is that it has limited access to the SDcard and limited time to process the data packets to influx.

I guess the first question would be why?
What does the current system not do that you want it to do?
What problem are you trying to solve? Or, is this just an issue of curiosity?