InfluxDB 2.0 Support

Hi all, I am new to the IoTaWatt product and community. I am very excited to get my device up and running, so much so that I had setup a local InfluxDB 2.0 server and started connecting it to a few other things around my house. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the part where the InfluxDB device doesn’t support ver 2.0.

I posted to see if there was any interest in adding support for InfluxDB 2.0 into the product, and if so, can I help.

Thanks for the help, I can’t wait to get started,

  • Chris

Hello Chris,
The big hangup with 2.0 is that the originally released cloud version required https, which the IoTaWatt cannot do. See this discussion. There is an OSS version released now that does not require https so it would be possible to support with the ESP8266 version.

The other two issues are:

  • The query that IoTaWatt uses to reestablish synchronized upload must be changed to a flux query, which is not just a translation but a change in method as the “last” function isn’t supported in the same way.

  • The authorization mechanism is changed to use a cryptographic token. A better way to do it, especially if you are going to use http, but nevertheless something that must be changed to support.

TBH I’m more interested in a general approach that supports the cloud version, so won’t consider using any compatibility shortcuts in the OSS version. There is the option of a reverse proxy to do https to the cloud. The ESP32 under development has client https working now.

Check in to the forum for updates.

Thanks for the quick response @overeasy! I had seen that post, and a few others. I apologize if I misstepped and should have responded to that thread.
I will post my follow on questions there so it is all in one place.