InfluxDB configuration improvements

Hi @overeasy,

I have been experimenting with the InfluxDB integration, very nice job as usual!

Two (somewhat far fetched) feature requests:

  • Make the database field optional in the configuration (and skip existence verification): I am looking at a “Metrics” service from a French provider (OVH), which supports InfluxDB line protocol & http API but doesn’t have the concept of database. I haven’t checked the line protocol itself but I assume the database can be ommitted.

  • Allow 2 or more InfluxDB servers to be configured: I could use this to choose different resolutions and different “upload history from” for different measures (e.g. 10s for power vs. 30m for energy).
    I know energy can be computed inside InfluxDB - but I am managing multiple units and getting kWh injected by the IotaWatts is the approach that requires the least manpower…