InfluxDB v2 not working in 02_06_02, error 400 - resolved

Hi all,

I just updated my InfluxDB server to the lastest release and want to use the new api in my IotaWatts. For some reaseon I receive a “Post failed 400” error and I am not sure why.


I reduced the setup to a minimum of tags and measurements but this did not change anything:

The log output of the InfluxDB does not reallly give me a clue on what is going wrong either:

Has anyone seend this issue before or has any idea what this could be?

Could you try adding /api/v2/. To your URL?

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thanks for the fast response. This already solved my issue, it is now pushing data to the influxdb again.

Thanks a lot!

Could be useful to know how you did solve the issue

Hi @coyote, please check the answer of @overeasy, this is what I did.

Thanks, was struggling with it myself, and failed to preperly read the thread.