InfluxDB2 Cloud Config

I have been trying to get my Iota’s to send data to InfluxDB2 Cloud. I think I have read all the docs, and all the posts about similar issues and tried all the suggestions, but I must be missing something simple or doing something wrong.

I have a RPi 4 B with nginx configured per the iotawatt instructions (not 100% sure the config is correct), but netstat seems to report the ports OK. I am not sure how best to test the exact proxy needed by iotawatt.

I have the https proxy setup in iotawatt, and the configuration for Influxdb2. I have a config for influxdb1 as well that I cant seem to delete but have “stopped”.

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong, or how I can refine my testing to sort the issue?

One small extra note. The IotaWatt doco on NGINX install has a link that says its to a tutorial on installing NGINX but it seems the target page no longer exists, with the link resulting in an index of Rasperry Pi tutorials. I cant find anything about NGINX on that site, but there are lots of other sites that seem to cover it. It’s not immediately clear though which steps on these other sites are needed, vs the additional steps listed in the IotaWatt doco.

Seems I found the solution. I had also installed UFW on the RPi, but had not addded a rule to allow ports 9000 and 80. Having done that, the InfluxDB2 upload now seems to work. Now all I need to do is figure out how to remove (delete) the influxDB1 config since the Delete button on the page does not seem to do this. Though stopping the upload on the status page seems to keep it stopped. Not sure if it will after a reboot though?

Now that I have this working, one additional question. Is there anyway to configure the upload so that all the measurements (tags and values) are part of a single InfluxDB Measurement? So for example in my case (for this IotaWatt, which is one of 5 I have in work), I would like to see InfluxDB show a Measurement of “Shed”, and inside this have tags (and values) of Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, Total, Solar etc.

In case it matters in terms of the best way to deal with this, note that I am still waiting on a big batch of CTs after which I will configure a lot more outputs on the IotaWatts, and will want these all reflected in InfluxDB as well. I will want to combine some of these measurements in wider totals (eg Total Solar Feed, Total Power Self Consumed, Total Grid Power Consumed etc).

OK, I should stop now :-). I found if i change the IotaWatt InfluxDB config to the following, I get just what I am after. That is a single “InfluxDB Measurement” with tags and values for each of the IotaWatt measurements listed in my config.