Inputs 9-14 suddently missing

I just finished installing the CTs on my new IotaWatt and added the inputs one at a time through the web interface. Everything was looking good, then I closed up the panel. After browsing the web interface for a few minutes, I noticed all the inputs from the right side of the device are missing. They definitely were there before and I didn’t remove them. Is this a known bug? Is there a log file that might still have them or is there some other method to get them back, or will I have to open the panel again and follow all the leads?

Not a known bug. Are you saying that they are no longer available in the inputs setup or that they are now just not configured? If the later, can you try reconfiguring just one of them and see if it’s durable?

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. By missing I mean they were no longer configured. I was able to reconfigure them. After about 5 minutes they are sticking around.

No idea what happened. Never seen anything like it. Definitely report another occurrence.

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I have a hand-wavy guess based on input changes that I just made that were lost. I had the web interface open on my phone and my laptop. I took my phone to the panel to update the inputs, then I returned to my laptop where the web interface was still open with some outdated settings still displayed. I didn’t do any subsequent editing or save any settings from the laptop, but somehow the recent changes I had made from the phone were overwritten.

Thanks, there are protection against that so I’ll take a look to insure they are still in place.