Internet timeout at startup

After a power outage at my house, it takes a few minutes until the internet is available, and the WiFi access point boots up. During that time (e.g. 3-5 minutes ?), it seems that my IotaWatt (wonderful device, by the way) times out waiting for the WiFi connection. I only recognize the situation when I go to access the device, and cannot. Upon inspection, the IotaWatt LED is blinking green. A quick power-cycle of IotaWatt, and he (or she ?) happily reconnects to the internet, and we’re off to the races !

Not such a big deal, except that it seems the IotaWatt does not collect data during that time period where it doesn’t have an internet (or Wifi) connection.

Here’s an example where I’m missing data from yesterday. (In this case, I switched from a Generator back over to my Mains).

Here are stats (I believe I’m running the latest version, as I’ve got auto-update configured).

I should have mentioned, I have two ideas for a solution:

  1. As a user, I’d prefer the IotaWatt to wait a bit longer before giving up on the Wifi/Internet connection, is that configurable ? Or periodically retry the internet connect, say every 10 minutes ?
  2. As a user, I would like the device to collect and store electricity measurement data despite the missing WiFi/internet connection

It does.

It will restart if no WiFi for an hour.

The plot is confusing. Without knowing the relationship between your mains and the generator or how the VT is powered with respect to both, I cannot understand what you are doing. A line drawing showing the relationship of mains, generator, and the four CT placement would be helpful.