Inventory of echun 200A?

Any sense of timing on the echun 200A CTs? I’d like to purchase a couple more kits, but with this CT instead of the available 200A’ers. TIA

Have not carried Echun 200A for several years now. Have AccuCT 200A in stock. For all intents they are identical.

I must be confused. I thought the Accu’s were the black split core CTs and the echuns were the white clamp ons.

I bought a 120V kit from you about six months ago and the 2 200A CTs that I use on the mains are the white clamp ons.

What am I missing?

Forgot about those. Yes, I had a supply but have discontinued due to shipping increases and 25% additional tariff from China.


For those of us creeped out working around the main incoming service (read: me), those clamp-ons were a life-saver, figuratively and maybe literally. Guess I’ll have to get professional help (with the panel, not for me).