IoTaWatt flashing red


I just plugged in the monitor was able see the device on my wifi connections, started a ‘new connection’, logged in with the given password IotaWatt, can choose an available network. but now I don’t see the device anymore on the list of available wifi connections, and it just flashes red every few seconds.

I really don’t have time to fight with this device and would like to know how to return it.

btw my order number is 1332

Thank you.

The return address is on the original shipping label. Thanks for giving it a try. Sorry that you are frustrated.

When you saw the device in the available connections and logged into it and chose an available network it changes roles and now just another device (like your laptop or smart phone) on the network. It was assigned and IP address and will not show up as an available wifi connection now. You need to find out watt IP address it is assigned and type http://<ip_address> in your web browser and there you will see what you need.

Thanks, but after spending $300 on this device and extras and reading the forum i prefer to get my $$ back.

If you are so frustrated that you no longer want to measure your utilization, you have the information to return it. However, if you are willing to invest a little time I am sure you can get it working. My guess is your device is trying to connect to network and is unable to do so, hence the red lights. It is pretty simple to recover from this. Look here:
If that doesn’t work work, Bob can guide you through other things to try. If that doesn’t work and it really is a hardware problem, I’m sure he would send you a replacement one.

I don’t believe you will find something that is really easier to use somewhere else. I have read the docs on at least five different systems. They are all at least a little complicated and require some persistence and some are very unforgiving about configuration mistakes. IoTaWatt is actually quite easy to use in the normal case. But, like anything that is wireless, if the configuration information provided is incorrect, it it will lead to a poor user experience. It is also possible that you did everything right and the hardware really is defective.

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I appreciate the efforts to help this fellow out, but he has said that he doesn’t want help, he wants his money back. I’m happy to do that. Honestly, I’d rather have satisfied customers, one way or another.

Connecting to WiFi is the most difficult part of installation. There are so many combinations of browsers and routers that it’s not possible to guaranty every userwill not run into adversity. This user does not want to deal with that, and that’s fine.

The failure mode described is not any that I am familiar with. When I get it back, I’ll take a look and see if there’s something new here, or if the situation is simply not as described. We will all be better off to get to the bottom of it.

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Thank you i appreciate the sentiment. But i do prefer my money back, as all i did was follow the simple instructions and after choosing an available network, it stopped working without any indication of what the problem is.

I’ve read where users had to remove the sd card; remove, add files, to me for 300 it should just work, and if it doesn’t there should be a clear indication as to why.

Anyway i wish you success but this product is just not for me.

For the benefit of anyone reading this thread now or later, there are diagnostic codes displayed on the led. This case did not want to try to diagnose, preferring to just return it.

The reported led code was blinking red “every few seconds”. The firmware has no such diagnostic code. The closest thing is blinking red once per second, that is 1/2 second on, 1/2 second off. Such a code would be caused by a damaged config file. While rare, that could be the problem but I see no opportunity for that to have happened. So I’m eager to look at the logs and traces to see what’s going on here.

I take these events seriously and try hard to diagnose and fix new problems. That’s why there are fewer and fewer problems being reported.

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I agree with @frogmore and @overeasy that the most difficult (if you can call it that) is connecting the unit to your local WiFi. It is simular to how one sets up an Alexa or smart plug device. One simply connects to the new IoTaWatt AP being broadcast, tell it to use your local WiFi via SSID and password, and it is done. Some people have had difficulty locating the unit on their own networks afterwards, but this is not the fault of the device itself, there are a number of network scanners available that will allow you to find its IP and you are off to the races.

As I have followed this product and the forums, I can say that @overeasy takes all messages and issues seriously and the issues that have come up have been rare; I have seen none myself. Once found, as with any good product, he looks to fix the issue or find a resolution in the short term until a longer term fix can be found.