IoTaWatt going on UPS, what about the Reference?

I’m going to put the power for IoTaWatt to a UPS and am wondering if the reference should go to the UPS too or be plugged into wall outlet instead.

The wall socket will get power once GenSet starts in 30-60 seconds.

I would say no. Let the voltage reflect what the circuits are seeing.

I have a mini UPS for my IotaWatts, but the references for them are plugged into the regular wall outlets. They are measuring the current provided by the utility or generator (not the UPS) so that is were the reference belongs.

It also makes it easier to see disturbances in the force/power line and the difference in voltage between generator and utility and how much the utility varies voltage over time.

Thank you. That’s what I was going to do but wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

I assume loosing reference for a short time will have no adverse effect overall?

Here is an example of why you really want to use the actual power for reference. Not sure what happened there, looks like the utility was having an issue. I was looking for a time when the generator came on, but didn’t find one. But, IotaWatt handles it just fine.